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Exhibition & Event in Iran

Architecture,Modern House,Interior Design Exhibition 2019 (11-14 January 2019) Tehran, Iran

11 - 14 Jan

Date:     11th January 2019

Venue:      Tehran,Iran


International Exhibitions provide companies with a great opportunity to showcase their brands and advantages in a spacious market and develop their network of Business partners in new regions. 
7th International Exhibition of MIDEX 2017 will be held on 11-14 Jan, in Tehran international permanent fairground and gets hundreds of industrial companies and experts together. In 2018, the event was held in16518 SQM space, exhibiting 235 companies, from 14 different countries such as Iran, South Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Finland, England, China, Belgium, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, etc. Exhibitor companies gained the opportunity of meeting 25000 visitors including top managers, suppliers, traders, investors, experts, and end users.
We honor to host you in MIDEX 2019 and provide you with a full service of traveling, exhibiting, customs and all that you need. Our purpose is to create a profitable and trouble-free experience for you.

Product Categories

• Structures and Materials
• Facilities
• View and open spaces
• interior Design
• Services
• Environmental
• lighting
• Architectural

Why Exhibit?

By exhibiting at Iran MIDEX 2019 you can:

  • Showcase your brand and competitive advantages in a new market
  • Meet your potential customers, know their needs and viewpoints
  • Speed up the process of your international contracts and sales
  • Learn about the opportunities of the region’s growing market
  • Communicate with regional manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors
  • Develop a successful network of Business partners in the region

Why Visit?

By visiting Iran MIDEX 2019 you can

  • Discover a wide range of products and solutions
  • Evaluate and compare different products and services
  • Choose the best option according to your needs and budget
  • Meet new business partners and potential customers
  • Upgrade your skills, knowledge and job effectiveness
  • Gain new ideas  and expert advice to grow your business
  • Network with key suppliers and manufacturers locally and globally
  • Gain a lot of information and networking opportunities easily and fast

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