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Amir Kabir Arab Plast 2017 Exhibition
Location : Dubai International Exhibition Center, Emirate ( UAE )
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Size : 150m

Amir Kabir petrochemical company is one of the largest producers of plastic Resin Polyethylene in Iran. The company’s products includes versatile polyethylene grades, such as HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE. Amir Kabir Arab Plast 2017 company has started export program independently since 2009. The Export markets of AKPC includes European Countries, Far East, Middle east, India, Central Asia and Africa.Based on the development project of national petrochemical company as per the second five year development, Amir Kabir got registered under No.137672 in 1997 and later on, the company’s construction project began in 1998 in the special economic free zone of Imam Khomeini Port with area of 55hectares. AKPC was selected as the project of sixth Ole-fine, considered as one of the largest and most important petrochemical projects in the region.Convenient access to feed, fuel, primary materials, using road facilities, transportation and airport availability are eminent features to select the ground for setting a petrochemical company. The first production unit (HDPE) was established and put into operation in 2003.Afterward BD/B1 plant started the production.The other units of the complex were established and come on stream in 2005 (LLDPE) and 2009 (LDPE). AKPC has been registered as public joint stock with the capital of 3600 billion rials and the major shareholders are as blow: Refah Bank (%51.72), NavidZar Shimi (%20), Saderfar (%10.19), Civil Pension Fund investment Company (%10.85), Civil Servants Pension Organization (%2.82) and Atieh Saba Investment Company.
Beautysky ( Beautisky ) Amir Kabir Arab Plast 2017 Exhibition Stand Designer & Builder Contractor

Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company ( AKPC )
8 - 10 January 2017

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