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ECA Big5 2017 Exhibition
Location : Dubai World Trade Center, Emirate ( UAE )
Exhibition Website : www.thebig5.me
Client Website : www.eca.com.tr
Size : 96m

E.C.A. SEREL participated in the Dubai Big 5 Show International Construction and Construction Materials Fair organized in Dubai / United Arab Emirates for 38th time between 26 – 29 November 2017 with the construction products.Participating companies from total 64 countries especially Turkey, China, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Spain, France, Belgium, Egypt and India had the opportunity to exhibit their products for 4 days in the DUBAI BIG 5 International Construction and Construction Materials Fair, one of the most important fairs of UAE in construction and building sector.  237 Turkish companies participated in the fair and exhibited their products. Total 2.604 companies from all over the world participated in the fair organized in Dubai World Trade Center, which is the most important fairground of the city.E.C.A. SEREL stand where E.C.A branded faucets and SEREL branded sanitary ware products are exhibited came into prominence with its 96m2 specially designed construction open on all sides and its wide range of products.
Beautysky ( Beautisky ) ECA Big5 2017 Exhibition 26 – 29 October 2017 Stand Designer & Builder Contractor

26 - 29 November 2017

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