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HISEPT Arab Health 2017 Exhibition
Location : Dubai National Exhibition Center, Emirate ( UAE )
Exhibition Website : www.arabhealthonline.com
Client Website : www.hisept.com
Size : 30m

HISEPT is a leading supplier of products and technologies for cleaning and disinfection. HISEPT develop, produce and market for professional applications in hospital hygiene and healthcare settings.HISEPT is producer of various products for Different markets including healthcare & medical, agriculture and food industry, poultry, aquatic animals as well as domestic places.HISEPT have valid international certificates such as ISO9001: 2008, ISO13485: 2003, GMP and FSC as well as valid domestic certificates for supplying our products to different markets today.They assist you in controlling the risk of infection by drawing on their expertise and our internal and external training.Today, our customers benefit from our rigor, the reliability of our formulations and our commitment to guaranteeing complete satisfaction.
Beautysky ( Beautisky ) HISEPT Arab Health 2017 Exhibition Stand Designer & Builder Contractor

30 Jan - 2 Feb 2017

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