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Prodiel WFES 2019 Exhibition
Location : Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, Emirate ( UAE )
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Size : 21sqm

Since 1994, PRODIEL has always shown continued growth throughout its corporate history, which was accentuated from 2009 when the new shareholder and management structure was put into place. Our headquarters is in Seville (Spain), and we currently have subsidiaries in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Morocco, Kuwait, Guatemala and Argentina.
Sun, wind, earth, water… Nature offers us unlimited resources. To transform them into sustainable quality of life, you just have to collect them cleanly and respectfully and make them available to people. This is what we do at Prodiel. Find out about it in just four minutes with our video.
Beautysky ( Beautisky ) Prodiel WFES 2019 Exhibition Stand Designer & Builder Contractor

14 - 17 Jan 2019

Beauty Sky is one of the Global leading full-service events and exhibitions companies in Dubai, operating since 1998.

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