RAHMANI Group Worldfood 2018 Exhibition | Stand Designer & Stand

RAHMANI Group Worldfood 2018 Exhibition
Location : Crocus Expo IEC, Moscow, Russia
Exhibition Website : www.world-food.ru
Client Website : www.rahmanigroup.com
Size : 90sqm

RAHMANI Group Worldfood 2018 Exhibition – Since the beginning of human civilization in present-day Iran, a series of peoples has invaded and conquered the region, exposing the area to new customs, beliefs, ideas, and foods, as well as bringing Iranian customs and foods back to their own home countries. The ancient Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Turks are just a few of the groups that have had an influence on Iranian culture and its cuisine.
iranian cuisine or Persian cuisine has introduced some marvelous dishes of all time. Besides, vegetables, green herbs and fruits play an important role.In this respect, Rahmani Group brings health along with the joy of an immanent piquant taste through innovative methods and combination of fruits, nuts & herbal tea using fully natural flavors.Promoting innovation in the food and beverage industry is very important to us.We are constantly screening new technologies to transform fruits, honey, herbal tea, and plants into food & beverage products. We are always looking for innovative, natural food & beverage ingredients.Thanks to a unique variety of state-of-the-art technologies, we process the best nature has to offer gently to produce natural ingredients and ingredient systems. Our products unlock new opportunities for next food and beverage innovation.Our global Headquarters are in: USA, ITALY, DUBAI and TURKEY.
Beautysky ( Beautisky ) RAHMANI Group Worldfood 2018 Exhibition Stand Designer & Builder

17 - 20 Sep 2018

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