Russian Pavilions Rail Show 2018 2019 Designer Builder Contractor

Russian Pavilions Rail Show 2018
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Russian Pavilions Rail Show 2018  : The Russian Pavilion is delighted to present Station Russia, which explores the past, present and future of the Russian railways. In an environment which is in parts uninhabitable, to the extent that roads cannot be built, railways have become the lifeblood of the largest country in the world. Station Russia explores how they, and the people who use them, negotiate the vast and often empty expanse of the Russian landscape.In a new exhibition conceived and created for the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale, the national pavilion has been transformed into a train station. Within its five ‘Halls’, contemporary Russian architects, designers and artists use sound and multimedia installations, as well as photographs, models and artifacts, to explore the past of the network and to present their vision of its future.
Russian PavilionsThe exhibition is supported by JSC Russian Railways, whose involvement reflects its pivotal role in maintaining the strategic importance of the Russian railway network. The focus of the exhibition forms a parallel with the history of the Russian Pavilion itself, which was inaugurated in 1914. The building’s designer, Alexey Shchusev, was also responsible for the Kazansky Railway Station – the Moscow terminus of the line which first connected the capital with Ryazan, in the south east of the country, and beyond, to Kazakhstan and central Asia.

Beautysky ( Beautisky ) Russian Pavilions Rail Show 2018 19 – 22 Jun Pavilion Designer & Builder Contractor

Russian Pavilions Rail Show 2018

Russian Federation
19 - 22 Jun 2018

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