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SR Technics AIX 2019 Exhibition
Location : Hamburg Exhibition Hall and Congress, Hamburg, Germany
Exhibition Website :
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Size : 21sqm

SR Technics is one of the world’s largest independent MRO providers, servicing most Airbus and Boeing aircraft types. The company started out as the maintenance and engineering section of Swissair, previously Switzerland’s national carrier, and it has grown to a truly global player.
We will conduct our business worldwide in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations where we comply with the highest and most stringent international and national standards. In our business dealings, we will compete but will do so fairly, complying with all laws protecting the integrity of the marketplace. We will not engage in unfair business practices and we will be fully compliant with competition, trade, financial and other international laws and accepted standards.
Beautysky ( Beautisky ) SR Technics AIX 2019 Exhibition Stand Designer & Builder Contractor

SR Technics
02 - 04 Apr 2019

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