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Zar Macaron Gulfood 2017 Exhibition
Location : Dubai National Exhibition Center, Emirate ( UAE )
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Size : 36m

Iran is a country with unique advantages which are rarely found in other countries and it can be ranked as one of the largest and the most important food producers in the world. Iran has many lands with the perfect climate for growing many types of agricultural products. Moreover, in terms of regional and international trades, Iran is located in a strategic point where it has proper rail transport infrastructure with suitable access to international water that puts Iran in a better and more effective condition. On the other hand, Iran has today’s technology and knowledge with sufficient, specialized and motivated human resource which eases the process of achieving this position. Undoubtedly, the management system including the collective wisdom, teamwork, commitment to social responsibility, and trust in the knowledge of young generation has also helped Iran to stand in this position.
Zar Macaron Gulfood 2017 Exhibition
Zar Macaron research and industrial group with reliance to Iran’s potentials and its founder’s effective presence for 30 years in the productive and industrial field, has established its infrastructure in 1993 and in 1997, it has initiated its activities. Then in 2001, the semolina flour production line was inaugurated for the first time in Iran.While expanding the flour factory, in 2005, the pasta production line was initiated and it was successful to produce high-quality products in local markets. In a way that in 5 years, besides increasing its production’s capacity, it expanded and increased its production lines significantly.

Beautysky ( Beautisky ) Zar Macaron Gulfood 2017 Exhibition Stand Designer & Builder Contractor

Zar Macaron
26 Feb - 2 March 2017

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