A+A 2019 (5-8 November 2019) Dusseldorf, Germany - Disinfection Gate UAE

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The A+A-Congress is the leading event for those concerned with occupational safety in Germany. Players in the fields of occupational health and safety will be meeting for solution-oriented exchanges: Experts from industry, the trades and retailing, administration, politics, and science.

The history of the A + A exhibition has more than 50 years and takes place in Düsseldorf every 19 years since 1954, informing specialists about the latest and already existing achievements in the field of protection, hygiene, and labor protection. The global sector of labor protection and industrial safety is on the rise.

A + A 2011 in Dusseldorf for four days of work gathered 60100 professional visitors, more than ever before in its history (2009: 55800), 1600 exhibitors from 54 countries were represented at the exhibition. Every fourth visitor came from abroad. More than 5,000 delegates attended the A + A 2011 Congress.

A + A 2013 broke the record for construction area (+ 2500 sq. M.) Occupied by stands of more than 1600 participants from 55 countries (including 4 Russian). 63,000 trade visitors have been registered. This year, a significant place at the exhibition was occupied by the stands of companies offering office furniture, various anti-stress and other relaxation techniques, as well as work clothes (uniforms) that were not designed to protect against any risks.

The 30th A + A 2015 exhibition took place in Düsseldorf for 4 days. 1887 exhibitors from 57 countries provided up-to-date information to 65,000 visitors (2013: 63000) interested in the latest trends in OSH. This is a new record in the history of the event. 30% of all visitors were foreign from 80 countries.

The 31st international exhibition of occupational safety, health, and safety at work A + A 2017 in Düsseldorf gathered in 9 exhibition halls that occupied the first time 70,733 square meters. m, a total of 1931 exhibitors from 63 countries and more than 67,000 professional visitors (2015: 65000), who was looking for information on the latest trends in occupational health, health and safety at work. The share of international visitors from more than 100 countries was 40%, which exceeded the share registered at the previous event.

The International Congress on Occupational Safety and Health gathered about 5,000 delegates.

Traditionally, the main place at the exhibition is occupied by personal protective equipment (PPE) for firefighters, power engineers, oil workers, and welders.

Main Topics

  • The future of work
  • Health and safety policies: national and international
  • Professions, industries, networks
  • Technology and labor protection laws
  • Health at work – skills, behaviors, resources
  • Structuring of work and working time
  • Occupational health and safety at work
  • New tools and working methods

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