AERO 2020 (01-04 April 2020) Germany, Friedrichshafen - Disinfection Gate UAE

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Friedrichshafen has for many years been the venue for a number of aviation exhibitions, including the leading European general aviation exhibition AERO. 
AERO is the most important meeting place for European industry professionals. It will traditionally present a comprehensive overview of the aviation industry. The event is of interest not only to specialists in the aviation industry but also to all those who are interested in aviation. 
Since 2009, the exhibition has been held annually (before this, the frequency of its holding was 2 years).
The subject of the event: business aviation; helicopters and airplanes; light and ultralight aircraft; onboard equipment; aircraft design; avionics; materials and components for interior trim.
And there will be no more problems with the coincidence of dates with another popular exhibition of general aviation Sun’n Fun, which is held in the spring and opens the next summer aviation season in the USA. It is not by chance that this airshow regularly takes place in Lakeland, Florida – the most southern part of the United States.
The organizers of both exhibitions Sun ‘n Fun US and AERO coordinated the dates of the exhibitions up to 2020 so that those who wish can participate or attend both of these events. Now, starting in 2011, the practice is over, when both exhibitions were held with a difference of several days.

AERO 2020 celebrated its 28th anniversary with a record number of exhibitors: 707 companies from 38 countries. The exhibition has occupied 11 pavilions and a display on the statistical site with a total area of 82500 square meters. m

The exhibition began 40 years ago as a small section of gliders and motor gliders within the framework of the exhibition on motorcycling Rennsport, Motor, Freizeit, which gathered 14 participants. The further success of AERO was due not only to the reputation of Friedrichshafen as the cradle of aviation (Ferdinand Zeppelin began his activity here in 1900), but also the place of rapid development of ultralight aviation.

Today, the exhibition is considered an important meeting place for European industry experts and arouses genuine interest from those who are fond of aviation. 

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