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Ambiente 2019 (08-12 February 2019) Frankfurt, Germany

08 - 12 Feb

Date:     8th February 2019

Venue:      Frankfurt am Main,Germany


Ambiente sets the pace for the world of consumer goods. The unique diversity in the Dining, Giving and Living areas offer a comprehensive overview and show the innovative capacities of this pulsating sector.

Ambiente 2018 occupied an area of ​​308,000 square meters. m (gross) stands 4441 exhibitors from 89 countries. 81% of all exhibitors came from outside Germany, which brought Ambiente to the position of the most international exhibition of consumer goods of all time.

A total of 134,600 buyers from 168 countries came to Frankfurt am Main to visit Ambiente 2018.      

In 2019, India will be a partner country of Ambiente. A partner globe is always presented at a ceremony in honor of the partner country. The country that receives the globe can then present itself at a special show at the next Ambiente. In 2018, the presentation was made by the Netherlands.

Opening hall 12 this autumn will allow all rooms to be re-planned for Ambiente 2019. Commissioning hall 12 will give Messe Frankfurt time and the opportunity to replace hall 5 and repair hall 6. The Warehouse and Storage sector will move from the current halls 5.0, 5.1, 6.0 and 6.1 to hall 12. As repair of hall 6 is scheduled for 2019, the tabletop flooring sector will be temporarily moved from halls 6.2 and 6.3 to 5.2 and 5.1. Starting from Ambiente 2019 and further, the entire sector “Sourcing Dining” will be located on 4 floors of hall 10. The new sector in hall 10.2 will be called “Premium”. It is here that selected exhibitors from Global Sourcing Dining will present the entire range. The new sector of Kitchen Houseware Express will provide visitors with a passage between Hall 12 and Hall 3, connecting both sectors in both directions.

The main directions of the exhibition:
  • Dining demonstrates such household items, cutlery, dinner sets and much more that will help you enjoy any process. Exhibitors present products made of glass, porcelain, ceramics … Visitors will find here only the highest quality products.
  • Giving – “the land of dreams”, this is how visitors and exhibitors at Ambiente call this show. Giving offers a wide range of gifts of various subjects – from jewels to tableware.
  • Living – “welcome home.” Combining tradition and modernity, classics and decorative forms, the Living show demonstrates how our house will look like tomorrow. It is here that decorators and architects from around the world draw ideas for the decoration and design of the premises.
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