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IRAN HARDWARE AND TOOLS | INTEX 2020 (Probably January 2020) Tehran, Iran

01 Jan

Date:     1st January 2020

Venue:      Tehran,Iran

Website:      http://intextradeshow.com/en

Tools is an instrument for manufacturing product, adding an ability to a product or creating a change in a product.

A tool was among the human’s first inventions and without tools, we can’t witness the development of technology.

Tool industry with the slogan “From home to the factory “covers a wide scope of the Industry. Basically, manufacturing products without tools are too hard and maybe, impossible.

Tools development has given the human cultures the possibility of development and progress. Humans have been constantly depending on the tools to do a lot of important duties. Tools will play a very important role in human culture and technology destination.

The satisfaction of most of the participants of The International Specialized Exhibition of “Hardware and Tools and Related Equipment (IRAN INTEX)” was impressive and most of the domestic and foreign companies of this exhibition signed for the next round.

The International Specialized Exhibition of “Hardware and Tools and Related Equipment (IRAN INTEX)” product group contains hand tools, power tools, fasteners, accessories, industrial weighing machine, welding machines, compressors, shipping equipment, transportation, storage, pneumatic and hydraulic tools, weighing equipment and instrumentation tools that most of them are used in small, medium and big industries.

The design of product group was done somehow that in addition to the presence of Tool visitors, other industry owners will be visiting The International Specialized Exhibition of “Hardware and Tools and Related Equipment (IRAN INTEX)” to witness the last achievements. This will cause synergies, and this will make the exhibition to be more efficient and finally, this is beneficial for the participants of this exhibition.

Exhibition Catagories included in the 2020 edition:

⋅ Electrical hand tools
⋅ Isolation tools
⋅ Generators
⋅ Motors
⋅ Chemicals and adhesives
⋅ Industrial dyes
⋅ Pressure equipment
⋅ Floor cleaning machine
⋅ Measurement, test tools and equipment
⋅ Bench and montage tools
⋅ Hydraulics and pneumatics hand tools
⋅ High lift equipment
⋅ Laser tools and equipment
⋅ Welding machine and electrode compressor
⋅ Mechanical hand tools
⋅ Gas armatures
⋅ Garage equipment
⋅ Energy Products
⋅ Sheet metal processing machine and accessories
⋅ Metal cutting machines
⋅ Dedusting system
⋅ Punch and stud machines
⋅ Pipe processing machines and accessories
⋅ Electricity Products
⋅ Home and Cleaning Products
⋅ Products and equipment for automotive services
⋅ Do it yourself Products
⋅ Decoration and repairing tools
⋅ Hose and watering tools
⋅ Plumbing equipment
⋅ Toilet and bath accessories
⋅ Plaster, drywall and related products
⋅ Work safety equipment work clothes
⋅ Professional usage gloves
⋅ Other related categories

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