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Middle East Natural & Organic Product Expo 2019 (03-05 December) Dubai, UAE

03 - 05 Dec

Date:     3rd December 2019

Venue:      ,

Website:      http://www.naturalproductme.com/index.htm

The Middle East Natural & Organic Expo (MENOPE) is the first and only trade fair of its kind in the Middle East and North African region. Under the Patronage of the Ministry of Climate Change & Environment, MENOPE will be held on the 32th, 03th to 5st December 2019 in the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

With organic and natural alternatives being on the rise in this region, we provide a meeting ground for potential buyers and sellers to carve out a niche target audience together. We wish to propagate balanced and healthy lives in the society by providing an extensive commercial outlet.

MENOPE highlights four important, fast growing sectors of interest within the natural and organic segment. The first is the Organic and Natural Food and Beverages sector. Organic food has gained momentum over the years and for good reason. Chemical free food has been shown to reduce disease and improve vitality. The trend is catching up in the MENA region and through MENOPE, exhibitors will showcase the freshest and highest quality organic food. Secondly, the Organic and Natural Beauty & Wellness sector has been highlighted through the best natural cosmetics, oils, spas, etc, within this sector. It is MENOPE’s prerogative to display the most ethical and effective products of beauty and wellness. The third sector is the Organic and Natural Health & Nutrition sector, which will showcase the best of natural and herbal supplements and alternative medicine for a healthier approach that promotes a sustainable and long lasting lifestyle with Alternative Medicines & Therapy.

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