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SAUDI LAB EXPO 2019 (December 10-12, 2019) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

10 - 12 Dec

Date:     10th December 2019

Venue:      Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

The 2nd SAUDI INTERNATIONAL Medlab EXPO 2019 gives its participants the opportunity to explore the latest industry trends from all over the globe.

Saudi Arabia Medical Devices

Saudi Arabia is known to procure in excess of USD 1.7 billion in medical/surgical equipment in 2013, accounts for nearly 50% of all medical/surgical equipment spending in the GCC Best Prospects: Hospital equipment, medical disposables, equipment, Rehabilitation, Pathology/laboratory instruments, Radiologic equipment, Diagnostics Primary healthcare interests are in Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Trauma, Diabetes Care, Nephrology, as well as lifestyle management of asthma, obesity and other common ailments

Saudi Arabia – Pharmaceuticals 

Like other countries of the GCC, Saudi Arabia is faced by demographic shift relating to an aging population and changes to the morbidity statistics attributed to changes in lifestyle.
It is estimated that the demographic shift would result in the 45-65 age group and the 65+ age group to grow by an average of 6% through 2020.
Increased spending on health care, an aging population, and continued treatment of “lifestyle” diseases would assure exporters that the pharmaceuticals/ life sciences market will continue to be robust

Recreating the magic in 2019

With the aim and desire to repeat the history & create & set a new benchmark.1st Arabia hopes to see you in The 2nd Saudi International Medlab Expo December 2019.

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