Exhibition & Event in Russia

WorldFood Moscow 2018 (17-20 September 2018) Moscow, Russia

17 - 20 Sep

Date:     17th September 2018

Venue:      Краснопресненская,Russia


WorldFood Moscow is Russia’s leading food and drinks exhibition and an effective tool for promoting new products in a huge market.

Participation in WorldFood Moscow lets you:
• Discover a new export route – Russia banned imports of key foodstuffs from the EU, US, Norway, Canada, and Australia in 2014, but has struggled to fill supply gaps since then. The nation spent $27.9 billion on imported food in 2017 – an 11.4% rise against 2016’s levels – from countries unaffected by the import ban. For suppliers in those nations, this a real chance to grab a slice of a huge market.
 Enter a new market – Russia is a massive market with a massive population. It is the ninth most populated country worldwide, with 143.9 million residents. The sheer size of Russia, as food suppliers able to reach more consumers than in Japan, means it is impossible to ignore as a market by global food and drink producers.
• Cater to Russians’ expanding tastes – Finding new import partners isn’t the only reason Russia is expanding its supply network. Its citizens are more adventurous with their choices than ever before. Russians have always had international tastes – you cannot move for French, Italian, and Sushi restaurants in Moscow – but now more exotic fare is making its way to Russia. Indian buffalo and South African ostrich meat are the latest products to hit Russian supermarket shelves.
• Save time and money – Russia’s top food and drink buyers use WorldFood Moscow to find new partners and products in one convenient location. As an exhibitor, you can save time and money by doing business with them in a short space of time – making it easy to make deals and boost your ROI.
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